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Design your own Customized Tissue Boxes in Different Styles & Size

 2024-01-15 12:55:00

Customized Tissue Boxes

Are you aware that the tissues and hygiene market is expected to grow by 4.3% annually in the coming years? This demonstrates that running a tissue business means dealing with tough competition. So, you need to stay updated with the latest marketing trends to avoid missing out on any successful marketing strategy. The biggest trend that we advise you to keep an eye on is custom packaging designs 2024. In this blog, we are going to tell you how customized tissue boxes can generate sales and make your business a highlight of the market. 

Why are Customized Tissue Boxes Important for Your Business?

Well, there’s not one, but various reasons that show the significance of customized tissue boxes for your business. Let’s look into a few of them. 

  • A Unique Brand Strategy 

Branding plays a very important role in establishing your brand. The right branding is the key that helps you determine your brand’s worth for you and your audience. Therefore, using personalized tissue boxes can help you create awareness about your brand. Moreover, these boxes showcase your brand's individuality to your customers. It helps them know more and more about your brand. And not only that, but it also leaves a strong impression of your brand in your customer’s mind. 

Additionally, you can communicate everything there is to know about your product and brand through these boxes. You can also communicate your backstory with the customers and, at the same time, accredit your products in front of your audience. 

  • Helps You Avail Wholesale Deals and Discounts 

How do you save money while running a large business? All business owners occasionally ask themselves this one common question. Well, no more wondering about it. Because we have got the answer for you.

Buying Tissue Boxes Wholesale can help you save a lot of money. Moreover, you can also save a good amount of time when you buy your product packaging at wholesale rates. This bulk quantity of custom tissue boxes helps you in the long run and saves you from the hassle of ordering over and over again. 

  • Builds Your Brand Identity 

In this competitive market, standing out as an individual brand is a daunting task. But now, to help you out in this regard, you have customized tissue paper boxes at your service. The logo printing on these boxes conveys your brand’s identity to people. Moreover, the values of your company are communicated to your audience with the help of branding. Next, the information galore on your packaging helps in working as a communication medium between you and your brand. Therefore, investing in customized tissue boxes can really prove to be a smart choice for your business. 

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Distinctive Styles to Get Your Custom Tissue Boxes

Different styles and shapes of your custom tissue packaging can grab the attention of your customers in the true sense. 

When you enter a superstore as a customer, what is the first item on an aisle full of different products that catches your eye? The answer would be,” anything with a distinctive appearance, such as a unique style, shape, or unusual size”. And then you realize the role these shapes and sizes play in boosting a business; therefore, you need to go with unique and exclusive styles for your customized tissue boxes. 

  • Tissue Boxes with a Hook

Hanging the customized tissue boxes might prove to be a good idea if you are looking for something creative. A paper box with a center opening on a box is an old and more conventional style that people are now bored of. 

Therefore, choosing this hook style can bring creativity to your packaging. Moreover, with the help of the hook, your customers can hang it anywhere you want. Additionally, a tissue box placed on the table can also get wet if the water spills on the table. But if you get tissue boxes with a hook, you can hang them conveniently and save yourself from the fear of getting the box tampered. 

  • Pyramid Tissue Boxes

Pyramid tissue boxes are another unique style that shows the uniqueness your tissue brand brings to the table. The pyramid-style box has a die-cut center. With the help of the cut, your customers can easily pull out the tissues. You can also get tissue box printing, to add a touch of aesthetics to your products. Furthermore, adding colorful graphic visuals to the pyramid boxes can also add an element of creativity to your customized tissue boxes. And if you add colors that match your brand’s theme, it can be a plus for you. Because this way you can add consistency to your packaging, which will also convey a positive brand message to your customers. 

  • Themed DIY Tissue Boxes

DIY-themed boxes can work wonders for your brand. Do you know why? Because these boxes have that special personal touch in them. You can choose a theme for such boxes, for example, Christmas-themed tissue packaging boxes, or monster boxes for Halloween. This way, these boxes can be used for promotion. You can add your brand information on the boxes and convey to your audience everything that your brand is about. Moreover, you can also get all the details about your product on the package. This shows the customers how dedicated you are as a brand and your commitment to staying in connection with your customers. 

  • Die Cut Tissue Boxes

Die-cut tissue boxes might seem like a plain idea, but trust us, it’s not that simple. Because if you choose the die-cut design wisely, you can really make a difference in how your packaging is presented. Furthermore, you can choose different shapes for the cut on the box. You can also choose the cut according to the theme of your packaging. For example, if you are promoting sustainability, you can cut the tree's shape as a design. Anything that you support, you can shape into your packaging. 

Additionally, you can also choose DIY square-shaped tissue packaging boxes for an added flair. This shape doesn’t only look beautiful but is also in trend. That’s why, choosing this custom packaging solution can prove to be a game changer for your business.

  • Wooden / Leather Tissue Box Holders 

Here comes another style, which will surely add elegance to your brand. The wooden tissue box might seem a little expensive to you right now, but once you start selling your tissues in wooden boxes, we guarantee that there’s no going back. These boxes are mostly bought by the business sector; you might have seen any such box displayed on the table of a conference or board room of an office.

Next, we have a custom tissue holder made up of leather. You must already know that leather is known to bring grace to any product that it is used for. Not only that, but it also adds a touch of exclusivity and a premium feel to your product. Therefore, going for leather tissue box holders can prove to be a very beneficial business strategy. Lastly, the biggest benefit of both wooden and leather boxes is the fact that they are reusable. You won’t have to throw them like other ordinary tissue boxes. 


Everyone who owns a business is running a race—a race that has all the tough competitors. But there’s nothing to worry about. The trendy ideas that we have mentioned above for customized tissue boxes can really help you bring your A-game to the market. And this way you can create an undeniable and strong brand impression on your customers. Additionally, you also have Custom Boxes Lane at your service, and we are here to offer you only what’s best for your business. So, get ready to see a boost in your sales with the help of these ideas. And feel free to contact us to get your tissue boxes customized.