Durable and Attractive Custom Mylar Bags

Custom Boxes Lane manufactures custom mylar bags with high-end packaging materials. These bags serve as a protective shield against harmful environmental elements such as light, moisture, and oxygen. Our bags provide a barrier against these elements and extend the shelf life of your products. Our versatile Cannabis and Food Storage Mylar Bags can be used to package a diverse range of commodities including items cannabis and food products. We add your brand’s name and logo on mylar bags to help you build a recognizable brand identity in the market.

Additionally, you can get your bags customized with premium finishes and make them look more aesthetically pleasing on retail shelves. With our customized mylar bags, you can direct the attention of maximum customers towards your products. Contact us today to discuss your requirements for custom mylar pouches and stand out. Explore our wide range of customization options to upgrade your bag's look on retail shelves and POP displays.

Custom Mylar Bags to Suit Your Product Needs

We understand that all products have different packaging requirements. Considering this, we customize your resealable Mylar bags as per your product needs. You have the freedom to customize the bag the way you want.

Ask us for any customization, let it be custom size, color, material, style, or design. Apart from that, you can get several luxurious finishes, coatings, and laminations for the bags to improve their allure on retail display.

High-End Finishes 

The luxurious finishes we offer for your bags are designed to improve your product presentation on display. Some of the premium finishes we offer are:

  • Matt & Gloss lamination
  • Hot Foil stamping
  • Soft touch coating
  • Embossing
  • Spot UV

These are a few of the finishes we mentioned. If you want any other finishes or add-ons for your custom mylar bags, you can discuss that too. Our experts will take care of your requirements to design bags that meet your expectations.

Window Cut-Outs

We add windows to let your customers view the products from outside. This saves the hassle of opening each bag separately and helps make informed purchasing decisions. Also, window mylar bags with window cut-outs create a distinctive look of bags on retail shelves that is sure to impress your customers.

You can go for a glossy window or a matt one depending on what your brand’s needs are. With our window mylar packaging, you can win more customers and boost sales.

Custom Sizes

To ensure your products get a snug fit, we customize the mylar packaging following your product dimensions. This lets your products fit inside perfectly and prevent them from crushing or damaging during storage, handling, and transit. Let us know which products you want to store inside and what their dimensions are and we will craft the best custom mylar bags accordingly.

Build Brand Identity With Custom Printed Mylar Bags

If you want to boost your brand identity, our custom printed mylar packaging can help you to do so. You are free to add your branding elements including the company’s name, logo, slogan, tagline, or any other special messaging.

We add your branding artwork, attractive graphics, images, and designs by using our premium printing technologies. You can opt for digital printing, screen printing, and offset printing following your unique needs.

Our printing techniques are advanced and produce prints of high resolution. This creates a professional brand image in front of your potential customers.

Custom Mylar Bags Wholesale for Bulk Savings

Do you want to maximize profits and revenues simultaneously? Our wholesale custom mylar packaging can serve this purpose well. When you place an order for mylar bags bulk, you get additional discounts as the price per unit bag is reduced.

This can lower your overall costs and help you manage your expenses effectively. Apart from bulk savings, wholesale mylar bags streamline your business operations. You can pack and ship your buyers’ orders timely due to an ample stock of boxes in your warehouse.

They do not have to wait long for their orders to reach their doorstep. As a result, they can trust you for more purchases.

Ready to Order Your Mylar Packaging?

Custom Boxes Lane is here to serve you with its years of experience in designing high-end custom mylar bags. We offer several customization options to help you meet your distinct product and brand needs. By partnering with us for your packaging solutions, you will get amazing benefits, such as:

  • Free shipping USA-wide
  • Customization freedom
  • No die or plate charges
  • Affordable rates
  • Fast shipping
  • Low MOQ

Do not wait any longer! Place an order for your personalized Mylar pouches today and stand out in the competitive market. Submit your requirements by shooting an email at [email protected] or fill the form. To get in touch with our packaging experts directly, dial (904) 899-9020. Our packaging professionals are here to help you with any concerns and queries!


They are the type of packaging that is made of a polyester film called mylar. They are well-known for storing a wide range of products due to their high durability.

Yes, they are water-resistant due to their manufacturing material.

The main difference lies in their manufacturing materials. Mylar bags are made of polyester called mylar. On the other side, Foil bags are made of aluminum foil.

Yes, they can be used for vacuum sealing as they are durable.

Yes, they are food safe.