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Upgrade Your Product Packaging with Custom Printed tin box

Tin packaging is often made up of a material named tinplate. A low-carbon steel is typically used in tinplate. Tinplate is safe for food packaging as the tin coating protects the steel from any type of corrosion or rust. At Custom Lane Boxes, we also use aluminum and stainless steel in our custom-printed tin boxes. These materials are also food-grade and protect your packaged products.

Our tin packaging boxes add extra value to your products. You can incorporate eye-catching designs and styles to captivate customers and boost sales. Get personalized tin box packaging for any type of product. From food to candles and gifts, you can pack a variety of products in our tin packaging boxes.

Brand it Just the Way You Want

Our custom tin packaging boxes support a great level of customizability. Custom sizes, shapes, and layouts are available at Custom Lane Boxes. Get customized tin boxes to differentiate your brand from competitors. Have any creative design ideas in mind? We are here for you. Share your ideas with our expert team of designers and they will convert your ideas into reality. We know the importance of product presentation and our tin packaging is all about aesthetics and eye-catching designs. Here are a few customizations you can choose:

Reflect Your Brand Identity with the Latest Printing Options

At Custom Boxes Lane, we offer the latest printing and finishing techniques to reflect your brand's true image. Share your brand story with your customers by printing your logos, labels, and other important information to educate customers about your brand as well as packaged products.

You can choose from various printing options according to your brand requirements. Commonly used printing methods are digital printing, offset printing, and CMYK. But if you want to print complex designs on your tin packaging and want to purchase small quantities then digital printing options are best for you. If you want to give your tin packaging a luxurious touch then offset printing is the one for you.

Custom Shapes & Designs Tailored to Your Brand Requirements

We provide full design support and flexibility to our customers. Whatever design and shape of tin packaging you want, we can make it for you. Be it a rectangular tin box, a round one, or a square box, we can customize them just the way you want.  Other than the above-mentioned customizations, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to design it all by yourself or want us to design tin packaging for you. We can help you with everything.

Cost-Effective Custom Tin Boxes Wholesale 

At Custom Boxes Lane, we provide the best quality Custom Tin Boxes Wholesale at pretty reasonable pricing schemes, unlike other suppliers. We have an expert team of designers who stay in touch with you throughout the design process. Other than that, we also offer free design support on all orders. Whether you want your tin packaging in bulk or small quantities, don’t worry! We are here to help you. Contact us today for a free quote.

Top Services We Offer:

  • Free design support
  • High-quality yet sustainable boxes
  • Free & fast shipping
  • Excellent customer support

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We offer excellent solutions for packing your tasty treats. As mentioned above, our custom tin packaging not only protects your products but also acts as an excellent marketing tool to boost your sales. Get a free estimate by calling us. You can also email us. Our representative will instantly respond to your query.


Yes, tin packaging can be recycled endlessly. So it's good to save used tin boxes rather than throwing them away.

Tin packaging offers a lot of advantages including, enhanced product protection due to the durable nature of these boxes, sustainability, better product presentation, high customizability, etc.

Most commonly, offset printing(flexo) and digital printing methods are used for labeling on tin packaging.

Yes, tin packaging comes with amazing customizability for branding purposes. You can customize them in any shape and size you want.

Currently, the following trends are observed in the design of tin packaging;

  1. Minimalistic/ Simple Design
  2. Innovative Color Schemes
  3. Recyclable Packaging
  4. Advanced Technology Features(e.g Augmented Reality)