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How can Customize Designer Boxes in Custom Shapes & Sizes?

 2024-01-26 14:00:43

Custom Designer Boxes

Designer boxes can prove to be a real game changer for your brand. They are the newest trend in the packaging industry. 

And this trend is taking over every other industry, including jewelry, cosmetics, apparel, and many others. So, if you want to increase your sales and make your brand recognizable, designer boxes are the ultimate breakthrough for your brand. 

This blog is going to help you learn everything that you need to know about designer boxes – let’s dive in!

What are Designer Boxes?

Designer boxes serve as the true identity of your brand. The boxes that you see being sold by the most popular brands in the USA, including Adidas, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein, are some of the most famous designer boxes. 

Designer boxes are not just merely packaging; they are used to raise the profile of your brand. Using custom-designed boxes can really boost your brand’s image and appeal to your customers. 

Guide to Get the Best Designer Boxes

Coming up with the best designer boxes can be a hassle for most brand owners. Choosing the correct size and the perfect material for designer packaging boxes can also be unnerving. 

Let us help you figure out how you can customize these designer boxes in custom shapes and sizes. 

  • Finding the Right Packaging Supplier 

Finding a reliable packaging manufacturer can prove to be the most daunting task for you as a brand owner because your packaging journey solely depends on the kind of supplier you choose. 

This is why you need to look for a company that offers creative packaging solutions. Other than that, you need to look for a packaging provider that is offering special discounts and designer boxes wholesale. 

The easiest way to find the best supplier is to look for a packaging provider with a lot of experience in the packaging industry. You can always rely on the testimonials of the previous clients of that manufacturing company, which are mostly mentioned on the website.

Look for Trustpilot Reviews of the packaging company you want to hire if they have not listed reviews on their website. 

  • Choosing High-Quality Material 

The quality of your material speaks volumes about your custom designed boxes and represents the value of your brand. This is why you should go with the best options like cardboard, rigid, kraft, and corrugated stocks. 

These materials are eco-friendly and you position yourself as a sustainability-conscious brand. 

A report published by listed that around 55% of Americans are willing to pay more to brands that are offering sustainability through their products. 

Opting for any sustainable packaging materials for your designer boxes would be a smart move that will help you attract more sales and play your part in the conservation of the environment.

  • Identifying the Perfect Fitting Size

Customers will never buy a damaged product from you. Any product will get easily damaged if the box is not of the accurate size. because during transit, the product inside a loose designer box will move around. If the product inside is something sensitive, it has a high chance of getting easily tampered.

You need to customize your empty designer boxes to be crafted for your product. A simple measuring method is length x width x height

This formula can help you take the exact measurements of your product. Whether you want to get designer jewelry boxes or designer shipping boxes, you first need to measure the dimensions of your product.

  • Going for the Most Spectacular Design 

The feel and presentation of your product's packaging depend greatly on its design. visuals help engage your customers with your product, and it eventually persuades a liking for your brand. 

Specific colors can also invoke emotions of excitement, joy, sadness, or happiness. That’s why you need to choose the colors when buying custom designer boxes carefully. 

You should go for a design that is creative enough to build your unique brand narrative. 

A creatively intelligent design will offer your customers an improved user experience and will boost your sales and profits. 

  • Opting for Aesthetic Finishing Options 

Everyone around you loves to buy products that have aesthetics displayed all over them. Businesses need to prioritize Therefore, we are going to guide you through a few of the options that can increase the elegance of your designer boxes for gifts. 

Let’s look into a few of these splendid finishing alternatives: 

  • Embossing 

It allows your text or design to have a raised feel. It offers an elevated and elegant tactile appeal to your packaging. 

  • Debossing 

While it gives your design a pressed feel, it also adds to giving your designer box an impressive look.

  • Gold Foiling 

Performed with the help of a laser printer, gold foiling offers a metallic finish in a warm golden color to your design.

  • Spot UV

It is a glossy varnish performed on your packaging to give your box an exclusive touch. 

  • Aqua Coating 

It is an environmentally friendly coating method that provides a shiny and velvety feel to your design. 

These finishing options will look premium and make your products attractive to your customers. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the prices. 

Wrapping it Up!

Designer boxes can help you achieve success and re-establish your brand identity for you. Therefore, opting for custom designs boxes can really prove beneficial for your brand. 

If you are looking for a reliable packaging partner, Custom Boxes Lane is here to help you out in getting the best designer boxes. We can also offer you designer shipping boxes for fragile items to ensure there’s no tampering of the product during shipping. 

We hope that this blog will help you get the best designer boxes for branding needs.