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A Detailed 7 Steps Guide to Custom Rigid Packaging for Your Business

 2024-06-07 10:53:46

ultimate guide to rigid packaging


Rigid packaging is a unique and premium quality packaging for your products and brand. Your customers can perceive your products of high value by looking at the quality of your product packaging. The higher the quality of packaging you show, the higher the perceived value of your products. 

Rigid packaging is a sturdy and un-flexible packaging material. It can neither be folded nor reshaped when its shape is final. This packaging gives your product packaging a luxurious look. In this blog, we will discuss various aspects of rigid packaging. Read More!

Importance of Rigid Packaging

Reliable packaging can make your products captivating. Rigid boxes offer not only protection but also a visual appeal that helps grab customers' attention. High-end items need to look at high value and precious presentation. Without giving product packaging a luxurious and premium look you cannot encourage your customers to pay more for your high-quality products.

Benefits and Uses of Rigid Packaging

Among the many types of paper and board packaging materials, rigid is one of the most luxurious packaging materials. Rigid packaging material gives the product packaging a luxurious and premium look. This material enhances the value of products in the prospect’s mind and influences the potential to make his buying decision. 

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Rigid packaging material is used for many purposes. This material can enhance the attraction and appeal of the products. The following is a short list of mostly served purposes of this packaging material:

  • Gift Packaging
  • Jewelry Packaging
  • Electronics Items Packaging
  • High-Value Items Packaging 

Rigid packaging material can be used for various items and product packaging. The above is just an idea about the uses of this high-value packaging material.

Designs and Shapes of Rigid Packaging

Being the most luxurious packaging material, rigid packaging provides many stylish choices. This rigid material can give your product packaging many designs, styles, and shapes. 

Here are a few choices with different types of rigid packaging with various styles and shapes, you can consider any of the following shapes and styles:

  • Top Tuck Boxes
  • Two Piece Boxes
  • Book Style Boxes
  • Presentation Boxes
  • Drawer Style Boxes
  • Magnetic Closure Boxes

You can explore many more styles and shapes of rigid packaging for your high-value products.

Printing Options of Rigid Packaging

Blank or simple packaging can give your product a simple packaging. However, with the help of printing choices, rigid packaging can give your brand multiple benefits. These benefits may be in the form of telling your brand story and attracting your prospects with stylish images that clarify your products and brand.

Packaging your products can increase persuasiveness by printing your brand assets, product images, product descriptions, and other relevant information about your product. Rigid packaging is highly impressive packaging material that can increase the product value by adding the high-quality printing choices, like:

Using high-quality printing choices on the premium material packaging can give your product packaging more impressive and charming in quality, and can increase the value of your products.

Lamination and Coatings of Rigid Packaging

Printing choices increase the packaging quality especially when it is on rigid packaging. Lamination can not only protect your printed surfaces on the packaging but it also enhances the appeal and persuasiveness of your printed rigid packaging.

Following are the types of lamination and coating that are usually used to increase the luxurious look of your product packaging:

  • Matte Lamination
  • UV Coatings
  • Aqueous Coatings
  • Soft Touch Lamination 

Enhance Visual Appeal of Rigid Packaging

The choices for the attraction of your rigid packaging are not limited to the ones cited above. You can increase them with a lot more options. These options may also address your prospects and customers with more potential to leave a lasting impression on your end users. These additional features of your rigid packaging can also influence your prospects:

  • Inserts
  • Silk Ribbons
  • Magnetic Closures
  • Gold Foiling
  • Window Cut

Customization of Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging is at the top of the list of luxurious packaging for high-quality and valuable products. This type of printing can be more unique and attention-grabbing with the customization choices for your branded product packaging. Take a look at the following to effectively decide about your product packaging:

Custom Designs

Customization of your product packaging opens new horizons for your brand to attract new prospects, convert them into your customers, and make them loyal to your brand. Without customization of your product packaging, your brand cannot leave a positive impression on your users.

You can use your product packaging impressively by customizing it in crafting the design of your branded product packaging. The designs for your product packaging can be more impressive and catchy when you make them in the best possible collaboration with your brand image.

Custom Sizes, Shapes, and Styles

The product and its appeal can give your user the best experience when the packaging of your products is well customized with the sizes, styles, and shapes of your products. The customized shapes and styles that match your product packaging can increase the user unboxing experience.

Customized Printing Choices

You can tell your brand story by effectively using your printing choices. You can use printing options on your product packaging according to your brand guide. You can create a long-lasting impression for your brand with your properly decided printing choices on your product packaging. 

Other Embellishments

The story of your brand, the boosting of your brand images, and increasing the persuasive appeal to your product packaging can be gained with the embellishments. The embellishments discussed earlier in this blog can increase the user experience and satisfy your customers. You can also increase your customer’s loyalty by giving your product packaging an extraordinary look and attraction.


Rigid packaging with customization according to your product’s and brand’s requirements can give you high returns in terms of converting your prospects into loyal customers. Wisely decide about your product packaging from custom design to personalized embellishments and add-ons to your product packaging.