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An Expert Guide On How to Make A Tuck Box

 2024-06-07 13:19:57

how to make a tuck box


Custom tuck boxes are becoming trendy and gaining popularity in packaging. According to some sources, the tuck top box market has a CAGR of 4.15% for the forecast period of 2022-2029.  Is it simple or easy to make a tuck box for your business? You can do it yourself to create an amazing tuck box. Follow this guide step-by-step and learn about the tuck box-making process. 

Read this blog to learn about the tuck boxes, their types, and how you can make them your own.

What is the Use of Custom Tuck Boxes? 

Tuck boxes store the product inside and protect it from various factors. There are various benefits of tuck boxes as they are lightweight and sturdy which helps you keep your item safe during transit. You can also store different items like edibles, cosmetics, medicines, and more to enhance their presentation. It is convenient to lock the items with an easy open or close mechanism.

They gain name tuck boxes and the tuck means to hold something in a concealed place. For example, tuck your money in the wallet. These boxes contain two flaps aside that fold together inwards and cover with a bigger flap on the front to close it. Tuck boxes are versatile to hold various types of items in them without sealing them with tape or glue.

You can customize them to your business needs and increase your brand awareness.

5 Easy Steps to Make Custom Tuck Boxes 

Creating a custom tuck box is just about assembling the cardboard. Here is the process of how you can make tuck boxes:

Step 1: Define A Layout

Selecting the right choice of packaging material and the correct dimension to define your layout of the box. It may depend on the box style or size. Define the layout whether it is a straight or reverse tuck box and ensure its length, width, or height for perfect size. Create an equal size for the rear or front panel, an equal size for the top or bottom closure, and add a glue flap to the left to stick properly. 

Step 2: Cutting The Card Stock

After designing the layout, it is time to cut the cardboard using the defined dimensions noted in the first step. Go with the ruler and marker to mark the lines. Using a scissor or cutter cut the cardboard carefully from the drawn lines. After cutting the cardboard, gently scrap the points for easy folding. 

Step 3: Scrap the Lines

Adding the scrap lines to determine where the folding must go. Don't go hard, otherwise, you tear the board. Just be gentle or no pressure is required to create these lines. When it's folded you will get clean crisp edges or shapes for tuck boxes.

Step 4: Apply the Glue

Use the glue stick, or any glue to apply the edges on the glue flap to meet the flap correctly. Prefold the tuck box to identify clearly what is going right. Align the edge to stick correctly. Use weight or clamps where it is to hold while the glue dries.

Step 5: Print the Tuck Box

Once the glue is dried,  it is time to stand out on the shelves with unique designs. Create your tuck boxes that better align with your product needs and reflect your brand image. Gives your audience a better perception of your brand with attractive packaging. Add a small PVC window to tuck boxes and increase your product visibility. 

With vibrant color, innovative ideas, amazing prints, and funky font styles, you can create amazing tuck boxes that resonate with your product to elevate your brand identity. You can make these boxes in any shape, size, material, print, or design, and add finishes to create a sleek presentation. 

What Are the Styles of Tuck Boxes? 

With different packaging styles, you can enhance your customers' unboxing experience and make them loyal to your brand. These styles allow your brand to boost its image and stand out from the crowd.  These are best for lightweight or little heavier items such as makeup, edibles, pocket-size perfume, and more due to their reverse-style tucking property. 

There are different types of styles when it comes to tuck boxes:

Reverse Tuck Boxes

Reverse tuck boxes style allows you to tuck the top or bottom flap layout into the box from the opposite direction. They can hold the items and give you amazing packaging experiences. Keep your products safe during shipping. Play with the designs to make them stand out on the shelves to grab more customers' attention. 

Straight Tuck Boxes

You can empower your product presentation with the straight tuck boxes style. It comes with a top or bottom flap layout that tucks into boxes in the same direction. These are good-looking boxes to imprint a good impression on the customers and are perfect for retail purposes.

Add power or strength to your products with these study or durable boxes. Easy assembling enhances the customers' experiences. These are best for lightweight products such as candies, gummies, soap, and small-scale electronics.

Snap-Lock Tuck Boxes

Keep your product safe from external factors like dust, dirt, or moisture and prevent unnecessary opening. The snap lock Tuck Boxes allows the user to open the box from one side and enhance its reusability. It offers a stronger bottom compared to auto-lock tuck boxes. Easy to assemble and provide secure closure with no glue feature. These styles are best for small glass or fragile items to keep them secure from damage during shipping. 


We have explained the step-by-step guide to make the custom tuck box making. You understand better the benefits of these boxes, and now style your packaging that resonates with your customers' needs. For more information about custom tuck boxes, you can ask us without hesitation