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What is Aseptic Packaging? How does it Vary from Conventional Packaging?

 2024-01-03 11:26:48

Aseptic Packaging

Aseptic packaging has become the new normal in the packaging industry. It is another form of custom packaging. Due to its unlimited benefits and advanced use, it has become the favorite of every industry. Business owners are promoting their newly launched products using aseptic packaging as their promotional tool. 

Moreover, you would be surprised to know that aseptic packaging for the first time was used for beverages a long time ago. It was launched in the early 80’s. But at that point, there was no such concept that it could be used for various foods. Moving on, we believe these many facts must create the element of curiosity in your mind. So, let’s get straight to the point, and let us introduce you to aseptic packaging and its multiple benefits.

What is Aseptic Packaging? 

As the name suggests, “aseptic” means “preventing from disease or infection”. So, it is similar to the case when this name is associated with the packaging. Aseptic packaging boxes with logo is all about anticipating the entrance of microorganisms from entering any product before and after it is packed. This may sound a little astounding to you, but let us make the explanation easy for you. 

How Does Aseptic Packaging Work? 

When we say that aseptic packaging staves off the entry of microorganisms before packaging, we mean that the product package is sterilized before any product goes into it. Moreover, along with the packaging, the food product that needs to be packaged is also sterile. And it gets packed and sealed in an aseptic and uncontaminated environment. 

Let’s Understand the Making of Aseptic Packaging!

Now, here comes the most intriguing part. Making these custom packaging boxes with logo is one of the major distinctive factors that makes it different from conventional packaging. 

Aseptic packaging is not only composed of one layer, instead it has a total of 5 layers. 

The surface of the external and internal layers is made up of polyethylene. These layers prevent germs from entering the package. Moreover, these layers protect the package from humidity and moisture. Along with this layer, the film foil also plays a great role in keeping the packaged product safe. Moreover, 70% of this packaging comprises paper and 6% aluminum foil. 

Difference Between Aseptic And Conventional Packaging!

Aseptic and conventional packaging are distinct from each other due to their shared and unique characteristics. Firstly, let's look into some of its similarities 

  • Both of these packaging methods include the thermal heating process. Moreover, the cooling down and packaging processes are also the same. 
  • Aseptic and conventional packaging are also made of paper. 

Now, talking about the differences, here are a few: 

The Duration of the Thermal and Cooling Process

When we look into conventional packaging, we find out that its cooling and heating processes require an extended period of time. Both the product's texture and scent are lost as a result. Furthermore, some of the ingredients might also vanish due to the long duration. But on the other hand, aseptic packaging has proven to be very fast and well-regulated. It keeps the aroma and the ingredients of the product intact. 

Entrance of Light and Oxygen into the Package 

The second difference that makes aseptic packaging an ideal choice for your food product is the fact that it does not allow any type of light, including sunlight and oxygen, to enter the package. Furthermore, the presence of any external aroma also changes the flavor of the food, which is the case with conventional packaging. However, aseptic packaging preserves and protects the product from all external contaminants.

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Advantages of Aseptic Packaging 

You might have already gotten the idea about the wonders that aseptic packaging can do for you. But, for better clarity, we have put into light some of the significant benefits that this type of packaging box offers, 

  • Eco-friendly Aspect 

Aseptic box packaging minimizes the effect of plastic on the environment. It offers industrials the chance to save the environment by reducing the use of plastic. Moreover, this packaging is commonly composed of paper and cartons, and both of these materials are eco-friendly. This packaging can also attract eco-conscious consumers. And this way, the business owners can draw the attention of those customers, resulting in increased sales. 

  • Increased Shelf Life 

Conventional packaging doesn’t guarantee the longevity of your product. But when we look at aseptic packing, we get to know that it keeps the product fresh for a relatively longer period of time. Moreover, it might come as a surprise, but the shelf life of a product in an aseptic container is approximately 6-12 months. This factor will automatically draw your customer’s attention towards your brand, making you a top choice.

  • Save a Significant Amount of Money

If you want to save money and are looking for an affordable wholesale boxes packaging solution, then aseptic packaging can be highly beneficial for you. Also, this packing is highly lightweight, which makes it portable and reduces shipping costs. Moreover, polyethylene and film foil are two materials that make it lightweight. 

On the other hand, the fact that it offers longevity to the product also saves you storage costs. So, it will be a win-win situation for you. 


Where to buy aseptic packaging? Well, if you have decided to buy aseptic packing, we would say that you have made a very smart choice. Because you are about to enter into a world of unimaginable perks and benefits using this form of packaging. And Custom Boxes Lane is your go-to packaging supplier that provides high-quality aseptic packaging at affordable rates and excellent printing results.