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Wondering What is Kraft Paper Packaging? Read this Blog!

 2024-06-14 13:44:11

wondering what is kraft paper packaging


You may find a variety of different packaging in the market but the one with natural rustic charm looks more distinctive. And that is kraft paper packaging which is widely used in various industries due to its immense benefits. One of the major reasons for its higher demand and use is that businesses are becoming more eco-conscious and looking for environmentally friendly packaging. 

If you are not using kraft paper packaging for your business, you should read this blog to understand what kraft paper packaging is and how its uses can benefit your business. After reading this blog you will be able to choose the right packaging for your products.

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Conceptual Understanding of Kraft Paper Packaging

Let’s start with the basic understating of kraft paper material, which is widely used for packaging purposes. This material is eco-friendly and more sustainable than any other paper-based packaging material. The reason is that it is directly made from wood pulp which is a renewable resource. 

The natural source of kraft paper packaging makes it more environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. As it is sourced from wood pulp, it possesses a beautiful natural brown color which makes it a perfect packaging choice for products that need to be presented in rustic color.

Now the question comes to your mind, does it only come in brown? The answer is that it looks more appealing in its natural color but can be customized in every color. It also provides an excellent surface for printing so you can easily get it customized in unique designs, branding elements, and premium finishes.

Why The Need for Kraft Paper Packaging Emerged?

After understanding what kraft paper packaging is, you might be thinking how the need for this packaging arose. The answer to your question is that the emergence of kraft paper packaging can be attributed to three main key factors. Let’s discuss each of these factors:

Environmental Concerns 

If we look back to the past, it has been warming up at an unprecedented rate. A study by NASA shows that extra energy from human activities has caused rapid climate change. Still, with every passing day, climate change is posing a threat to our planet.

The principal cause of extra warmth in the environment is mostly human activities in the industrial sectors. Therefore, the need for environmentally friendly industrial practices arose. 

One of the best ways to reduce environmental impact was by introducing sustainable packaging. This is how kraft paper packaging has emerged as the most popular eco-friendly packaging solution.

Customers’ Preferences

These days, customers are becoming more aware of the environmental hazards posed by industrial activities. The packaging industry is also evolving, and therefore, the need for kraft paper packaging emerged. 

Most customers are environmentally conscious. For example, a survey shows that 60-70%  of people said that they would pay more for products that are packaged in sustainable packaging. This is how kraft paper packaging started gaining more popularity due to current customers’ preferences.

Another reason is that kraft paper packaging has a natural visual appeal and customers get attracted to the packaging that looks aesthetically pleasing. The current packaging trends also include minimalist designs and subtle looks, which kraft paper packaging provides.

Industry Needs

One of the major reasons for environmental change is industrial development. Along with advancement, industries started making changes in their practices that caused harm to the planet. However, these practices did not completely work but one of the successful practices was the use of kraft paper packaging. 

Another reason was that many industries such as the food industry needed packaging that poses no harm to the food. And kraft paper became popular because it has all those features. Kraft paper packaging is food-grade and does not contain any contaminant elements.

Businesses also need to build a brand image and the use of sustainable packaging helps them achieve brand loyalty. The reason is that customers usually prefer buying from eco-conscious businesses.

5 Types of Kraft Paper Packaging

Kraft paper is a strong and flexible material that can be customized to make different types of product packaging. Following are some poplar kraft paper packaging types:

Kraft Paper Bags

The bags made from kraft paper are the best sustainable alternative to plastic bags. They are mostly used as shopping bags and food takeaway bags. This material can also be used for making kraft mylar bags for long-term food storage.

Kraft Boxes

Kraft paper is also used to make different types of boxes. These boxes can be customized in various sizes, colors, styles, and shapes. About every product-based business relies on kraft paper boxes for sustainable packaging. Some popular examples of custom kraft boxes are kraft tuck boxes, sliding sleeve boxes, and kraft window boxes.

Kraft Food Containers 

The foo-grade properties of kraft paper packaging make it an ideal choice for food businesses. It is widely used in about every food industry. If you look around, you can find food containers such as cups, clamshell boxes, bowls, and pouches made from kraft paper.

Kraft Paper Wraps

The lightweight material properties of kraft paper also make it a perfect choice for wrapping products. This paper can be used to wrap gifts aesthetically. Kraft wrapping paper can also be used as sleeves for soaps, food items, and coffee cups. Moreover, with the help of kraft wrapping paper, you can also make envelopes for mailing purposes.

Kraft Paper Labels and Stickers

Businesses that can not afford customizing boxes and bags can use customized labels and stickers. As kraft paper can be customized, you can get custom kraft labels and stickers that can help enhance your brand identity.

Uses of Kraft Paper Packaging

As discussed earlier, businesses use kraft paper packaging to show their concern for the environment. However, the following are a few other uses of kraft paper packaging :

  • Disposable Food Crockery
  • Product Presentation
  • Brand Differentiation
  • Product Protection
  • Brand Awareness
  • Mailing Purposes
  • Retail Use
  • Branding and Packaging

The kraft paper packaging is widely used by major industries such as electronics, cosmetics, healthcare, food, textile, and agriculture.


After getting in-depth knowledge about kraft paper packaging in this blog, you can easily choose a suitable sustainable packaging for your business. The market of kraft paper packaging has witnessed a remarkable development in recent years and is expected to grow. Considering this fact, the demand for kraft paper packaging will be higher in the future. Reach out to us if you want to get more information about kraft paper packaging!