Printed Kraft Window Packaging Bags
Printed Kraft Window Packaging Bags Custom Kraft Window Packaging Bags Kraft Window Packaging Bags Custom Printed Kraft Window Packaging Bags

Custom Kraft Window Bags

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Your search for the best kraft window bags ends here. Whether you need kraft paper bags with windows, kraft pouches with clear windows, or any other. We have all the solutions you're looking for. Besides, our commitment to quality ensures that every bag you purchase meets the highest standards. Call us now to get premium kraft window bags at wholesale prices!

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Sustainable & Premium Kraft Window Bags

Kraft window bags are all the hype right now. They are bags made of kraft paper with a window to look inside. Most businesses use kraft window bags for organic products, dry foods and party favours. However, you can use kraft window bags for much more. 

Elevate your packaging game with Custom Boxes Lane’s premium range of kraft window bags. Moreover, these versatile and sustainable packaging solutions combine kraft paper’s natural charm with the modern convenience of a clear window. From kraft paper bags with window to resealable kraft pouches, we have options to suit your packaging needs.

Our Diverse Range Of Kraft Window Bags

Are you looking for kraft bakery bags with window? Resealable kraft bags with window? Or printed kraft paper pouches with clear windows? Either way, we’ve got you covered. We offer a diverse range of kraft pouches including custom kraft gable boxes!

Moreover, these bags are not just containers. Think of them as a canvas for your creativity. Besides, with our custom options, add your brand logo, label, or design. You can also customize and add a handle. This way, you can create your very own kraft handle packaging boxes. Furthermore, our team will help you to create a customized packaging solution that stands out.

Custom Boxes Lane’s Resealable Convenience 

At Custom Boxes Lane, we offer resealable kraft bags with windows. These kraft pouches provide unmatched convenience. Customers can easily reseal the bag to keep the contents fresh and secure. Besides, we use pressure sensitive glues or reseal tapes in this product. 

Therefore, you won't have to use bands, clips or tapes to reseal the bags. Resealable kraft paper pouch with window are perfect to package foods. Kraft paper ziplock bag with window ensures your customers can enjoy your fresh products again and again.

Our Premium Kraft Window Bags

Our kraft bags with window are designed to provide both functionality and aesthetics. At Custom Boxes Lane, we craft them from high-quality kraft paper. Therefore, these bags exude rustic elegance and instantly capture attention. 

Besides, adding a clear window takes your packaging to the next level. Customers can take a sneak peek at the contents within. It is a nifty detail that elevates your packaging to the next level.

How Are Kraft Window Bags Made? 

At Custom Boxes Lane, we understand your interest in how kraft paper bag with clear window are made. An eco conscious company should know how their packaging is made. We believe in providing trustworthy services. Hence, Custom Boxes Lane is transparent in how we create our kraft window pouches

These bags are crafted using a carefully designed process. Moreover, our approach prioritizes the use of eco conscious materials and production methods. Let's take a closer look at how kraft window bags are made:

1. Raw Material Selection:

The process begins with the selection of high-quality kraft paper. This is our primary material. Kraft paper is derived from wood pulp, usually sourced from responsibly managed forests. Another way of sourcing is recycled materials. Resultantly, this choice of material sets the foundation for the bag's eco friendliness. Our ethical sourcing in this step means you have nothing to worry about.

2. Paper Processing:

Then the selected kraft paper is then processed to enhance its strength, durability, and texture. These processes can include pulping, refining, and drying. The result is a sturdy paper with excellent tear resistance.

3. Creating the Bag Shape:

The kraft paper is then cut into the appropriate size and shape for the bag. Depending on the bag's intended use, we create various sizes and styles. These include flat bags or gusseted bags. Lastly, the bags are then folded and creased. It is at this point that we create the shape you like. If you need a flat kraft bag, we fold it flatly. However, if you need a gusseted one, we create creases and add more volume.

4. Window Insertion:

Now this is the tricky part. Window insertion makes or breaks the kraft pouch. At Custom Boxes Lane, we keep sustainability in mind. Hence, we innovatively add a transparent window. Even our window is made of eco friendly materials. This window is typically made from biodegradable or compostable materials. This is known as PLA (polylactic acid), a plant-based polymer derived from cornstarch. Next, the window is carefully inserted into the bag, providing a clear view of the contents. 

5. Printing and Customization:

Next comes the fun part. If you chose the custom options, your bags are then customized. This includes your branding, logos, and designs. At Custom Boxes Lane, we use eco-friendly printing methods. This means that we use water-based or soy-based inks. This step ensures that the bags not only showcase your products but also reflect the brand's values.

6. Gluing and Sealing:

Next, the bags are sealed using environmentally friendly glues. Custom Boxes Lane offers self-sealing bags. If you choose these, then pressure sensitive glues are applied to the bag's flap. Hence, ensuring secure closure without additional materials like tapes or stickers.

7. Quality Control:

Lastly, each bag undergoes thorough quality control. Our checks ensure that it meets the highest standards. Our standards exceed in terms of durability, appearance, and functionality. Moreover, this step ensures that the end product aligns with the company's commitment sustainability.

8. Sustainable Packaging Impact:

Kraft window bags are a prime example of sustainable packaging solutions. Choose Custom Boxes Lane’s kraft boxes, and you’ll have nothing to worry about! Most businesses opt for us as their packaging partner due to several reasons:

Our Kraft Bags Are Biodegradable and Compostable:

Our use of kraft paper and biodegradable window materials makes these bags suitable for composting.

Renewable Resources: 

Kraft paper is sourced from trees that are responsibly managed. 

For A Reduced Carbon Footprint: 

The manufacturing processes of kraft paper and biodegradable windows has a lower carbon footprint. 

For Visual Appeal and Transparency: 

The window showcases the products. Hence, eliminating the need for excessive packaging materials. Furthermore, creating an engaging unboxing experience.

Custom Boxes Lane creates kraft window bags through a careful process. Besides, our method combines traditional craftsmanship and modern practices. With our biodegradable components, responsible sourcing, and creative design, our kraft window bags will greatly benefit your company.

Kraft Window Bags For Your Business

Most businesses use kraft bags with windows for packaging purposes. Particularly when they want to showcase their products in real time. Additionally, kraft boxes are a favourite because they are functional and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Moreover, kraft bags with windows offer a range of benefits. All of which cater to various industries and products. Here are some common uses for these types of bags:

For Retail and Boutiques

Kraft bags with windows are popular among retail stores and boutiques. Boutiques use kraft bags with windows for packaging clothing, accessories, and other fashion items. Moreover, the window allows customers to see the product inside. This allows the customer to look into the bag and see the item's color, design, or style. Therefore, enticing them to make a purchase.

Food Industry

Kraft bags are also really popular in the food industry. Kraft bags with windows are commonly used for packaging baked goods, snacks, and treats. The window provides a clear view of the delicious contents. Therefore, making the products visually appealing and tempting to customers. 

The kraft paper protects the items from moisture and excessive light. Hence, keeping them fresh. In addition, these bags are often used for items like cookies, pastries, candies, and even granola bars.

Cafes and Bakeries

Talking about the food industry, cafes and bakeries also use kraft bags. Bakeries use kraft bags for swift packaging on the counter. For example, individual servings of pastries, sandwiches, and other food items. Besides, the window is a nifty detail. It showcases the food and allows customers to be sure of what they’re taking home! 

Speciality Products

If you’re a business offering speciality products, such as handmade soaps, candles, or small crafts, use kraft bags with windows. The window on the bag adds a touch of elegance to the packaging. Additionally, allowing customers to appreciate the unique features of the items they're purchasing. 

Our custom options will help you add your logo to the packaging. This will add elegance to your speciality products.

Party Favors and Gifts

If you’re an event-organising business, kraft bags with windows will be great for you! In events like parties, weddings, and celebrations, kraft bags with windows are useful. They are used for packaging party favors and gifts. 

Besides, the window adds a personalized touch by showcasing the content inside. You can add candies, small trinkets, or keepsakes with your logo. This will be a great marketing tool, and the guests will remember your services!

Stationery and Greeting Cards

Stationery shops often use kraft bags with windows to package greeting cards, invitations, and small paper products. The window allows customers to see the designs and messages on the cards, making it easier to choose the perfect one.

Natural and Organic Products

If you’re a business that focuses on natural, organic, or eco-friendly products, kraft bags are made for you. As kraft bags with windows align perfectly with your brand values. The rustic look of kraft paper complements the natural theme. 

Additionally, the window showcases the organic products within. Moreover, if you didn’t already know, kraft boxes are sustainable. Their eco friendly nature is their most significant selling point. So if you’re a business that takes pride in its sustainable values, choose Kraft!

Craft and Art Supplies

Lastly, if you're a craft store business, kraft boxes will work perfectly for you too. Craft and art supplies, such as beads, buttons, or small art materials, will package perfectly in kraft bags with window. Moreover, the window will allow your customers to see what they’re getting easily. Making the shopping experience convenient for them.

In essence, kraft bags with windows are versatile packaging solutions for any business. They display your heir products attractively while providing practical and eco conscious packaging. The clear window enhances the customer experience. Hence, making it easier for them to make choices. All the while, they are improving the visual appeal of the products.

Wholesale Kraft Window Bags 

Are you looking to buy kraft window bags in bulk? Our wholesale options are for businesses of all sizes. So, whether you're a boutique owner, a bakery, or an online retailer, you can get our bags in bulk. At Custom Boxes Lane, we’re always looking to offer the best deals. With our wholesale options, you can save tons! Now experience cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

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With Custom Boxes Lane, choose sustainability, style, and practicality. Buy kraft window bags from us and experience top-of-the-line packaging. We will create a kraft pouch with window that captures attention and elevates your brand. So what are you waiting for? Reach out now! Call today to get our premium quality at a wholesale price.


Kraft window bags are crafted from high-quality kraft paper. Kraft papers are renewable and biodegradable materials. They are sourced from responsibly managed forests and recycled materials. The clear window is made from compostable materials such as PLA (polylactic acid).

Of course! Our kraft window bags can be recycled. 

The cost of kraft window bags can vary based on factors. Size, quantity, and customization options affect pricing. However, generally, prices start at 7 to 8 cents and go up to $2 per unit.

Definitely! At Custom Boxes Lane, you can customize kraft window bags however you like. You can add your logo, branding elements, message and theme colors.