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10 Creative Candle Box Design Ideas You Should Consider

 2024-06-14 13:38:36

10 creative candle box design ideas


If you are a candle business owner, you would need to present your candles elegantly to your customers. Uniquely designed candle packaging boxes can help you with this. As Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple Inc.) says:

''Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story.''

But, how can you design your custom candle packaging so they stand out from others and captivate your customers? In this blog, we will explore 10 creative candle box design ideas for you to choose from. These design ideas can help you boost your brand and convert your prospects into customers without much hassle.

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Importance of a Unique Candle Box Design

A candle box design can elevate or devalue your brand in the market. If you pay attention to the psychology of your prospects while designing your custom candle boxes, you can perform well in the market irrespective of how fierce the competition is.

An exclusive box design not only keeps your products in pristine condition but also leaves a lasting impression on your customers. It can persuade your buyers to purchase your candles which can be profitable for your business.

Also, an elegant & practical candle box design helps you pack,display and ship your candles appropriately.

10 Captivating Design Ideas for Candle Boxes

As we have discussed the significance and Benefits of candle box design, let us dive into some unique ideas that you can consider while making unique boxes for your candle brand. 

Here are the 10 creative candle box design ideas that you should consider:

Auto Bottom Tuck Boxes

One of the most popular box designs that you can choose for your candle packaging is the auto bottom tuck design. It comes with a foldable top that is closed by tucking in the front. The bottom of this box design comes with an auto-closure feature providing a strong base to hold the candles safely. Auto bottom tuck boxes are also printable allowing you to add your brand elements to them to captivate your buyers.

Shoulder-Neck Boxes

If you want to give your candles a luxurious appeal, you can opt for a shoulder-neck box design for your packaging boxes. Being one of the luxury candle packaging options, this design is famous for its elegant unboxing style. Shoulder-neck boxes have three pieces: one is the base that acts as the shoulder, 2nd is the lid that rests on the shoulder, and the third is a tray that acts as the neck.

This unique style looks more glorious when made with rigistock. This material adds a touch of luxury to shoulder-neck boxes.

Sleeve Slider Boxes

Sleeve slider design is another remarkable packaging design option for candle packaging. This style enhances the unboxing experience of your customers. Sleeve slider boxes are two-piece packaging boxes that come with a sleeve wrapping the second piece which is a tray. The tray slides elegantly inside the sleeve when you are unboxing the candles packed in them.

Gable Packaging Boxes

Gable packaging designs are best for your candle gifts. As the name suggests, these boxes look like gables from the top. They also come with a handle providing convenience to customers in carrying your candles in them.

You can give gable boxes a specific theme that associates your candles with special occasions. It is an excellent strategy to increase the sales of your gift candles at memorials and special events.

Round Candle Boxes

As the name suggests, round candle boxes come in a round shape. Thinking out of the box, you can give your candle brand a unique identity by packaging your candles in round boxes. These packaging boxes can be easily made with cardboard or kraft paper.

Pillar boxes

Pillar candle boxes are packaging boxes having short widths and long heights. These packaging boxes are perfect for packing taper candles. If you want to sell single pieces of taper candles and also fascinate your customers, pack your candles in pillar boxes with a tuck-top opening mechanism. It won’t cost you much but would make a big difference in your business.

Die-Cut Window Boxes

For a better product presentation, you can opt for die-cut window boxes for your candles. These packaging boxes come with uniquely designed die-cut windows making see-through packaging. It can provide your customers with a glimpse of your candles and persuade them to make a purchase.

Custom Printed Candle Boxes

Printing is one of the most important aspects of packaging design that you should never ignore. Choose the right printing technique and elevate your candle boxes with persuasive graphics and eye-catching images. You can also print your logo and other brand elements for a better brand recall.

Offset, digital, and screen printing techniques are some popular options to consider to enhance the visual appeal of your candle packaging boxes.

Custom Boxes With Inserts

To make your candle boxes more appealing and improve their functionality, you can add custom inserts in them. Cardboard dividers are excellent for packing multiple candles in a single packaging box. To enhance the premium feel of your candles, you go for die-cut foam inserts. Apart from elevating the glory of candles, candle boxes with inserts also provide additional protection to your products.

Embossed or Debossed Boxes

Innovative designs and unique printing techniques can help grab the attention of your customers. Considering this fact, you can go for embossed or debossed packaging boxes for your candles to leave a lasting impression on your buyers. Using these techniques, you can elevate your brand logo on the packaging boxes which performs well in boosting your brand.


If you are a candle seller, you would need appropriate candle packaging designs that not only pack your candles but also elevate your brand. In this blog, we have mentioned 10 creative ideas to consider while choosing a perfect design for your candle box packaging.

Still confused? Reach out to us! We will resolve all your queries related to candle box design. You can also get design support from us if you want a unique design for your packaging boxes.