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Wondering How to Ship Candles Easily? Read This Blog!

 2024-06-14 13:57:39

wondering how to ship candles easily


Candles are dedicated products that require your attention for packaging and shipping. During transit, broken or melted candles lead to unhappy customers.  To retain your customers, go for such custom candle shipping boxes that have strong barrier properties and ensure protection against external factors to keep the candle in its original shape. 

Read this blog to learn how you ship your candles easily and safely.  

Key Consideration For Shipping Candles

For shipping candles, there are a few considerations that you must pay attention to avoid damage. You must recognize the types, shapes, sizes or designs of candles for effective shipping. Candles are made of different materials such as soy, beeswax, and paraffin. 

For example, sox wax melts easily when interacting with air or moisture. So, the first thing to do is to protect candles from melting during shipping.  Different shapes or sizes of candles require different packaging protection levels. For example, votive candles need a box to pack which prevents them from melting or dusting. 

From both points, the last point we cater to is very important for shipping candles is meeting the packaging challenges adequately. Packaging is used to protect these candles and add value to presentation to increase their lifespan on the shelves.

But when you are packaging your fragile candles, pay attention to the box's quality and its barrier properties.  Here is the barrier properties list that your custom candle box must hold: 

Heat Resistant

When you are packaging candles for shipping, know its types that are more sensitive to temperatures. Then, you must use heat-resistant boxes that keep your candle protected from melting.  In this case, you must add a layer of insulating sheets to keep your candles cool such as lamination or foil for heat resistance and to prevent melting. 

Tear & Wear Resistant

Use cardboard, kraft, and rigid boxes to pack your candles for shipping. These boxes are durable and sturdy enough to hold your candle and prevent it from damage. During shipping or transporting, mishandling and stacking are the problems that cause wear and tear on the boxes. A small tear on the box can lead to entering air or moisture inside and damage your candle's appearance.   

Essential Material For Candle Boxes Shipping

The most common question is how to ship candles effectively. A simple answer is to focus on excellent packaging to avoid issues during shipping. For this purpose, you can use candle shipping boxes to meet the higher expectations of your customers. 

Let’s take a look at the customization candle shipping boxes to prevent damage: 

Material Selection 

You can choose from cardboard, corrugated, rigid, and kraft material to create candle shipping boxes. All materials are durable enough to withstand damage, heat, and dust. These boxes keep your scented or aromatic candle fragrances safe during shipping. Protective packaging material is reliable in protecting and upholding jars, and scented candles, and is safe during shipping. 

Go With the Perfect Box Size

A perfect custom candle box size withstands movement and jerks to lessen the chance of damage during transit. If you have larger candle boxes for shipping, try to fill boxes with the fillings or small cushions to avoid damage. If your candles are fitted in the boxes, it ensures your candles are snug and secure. This is the time when you seal your boxes tightly after customization and all supplies to ensure optimal shipping. 

Add Supplies To Secure Candles From Damages

Above we discuss the right size box, but if you have a bigger size box then you should fill your boxes with different kinds of supplies. You can fill the space with peanuts or styrofoam balls to ensure your candle's safety. Plus, you can wrap your candle in a bubble, wrinkle, or Kraft paper to enhance its visual appeal and secure packaging. Below are the different supplies you can go with: 

  • Honeycomb
  • Wrinkle or Kraft Papers
  • Bubbles Wraps
  • Filling with Peanuts
  • Inserts to Fix candles Jars

Go for Printed Packaging Tapes

Once your box is ready to ship with all necessities that ensure safety. Now it is ready to add flair of your brand values with printed packaging tapes. Secure your package and now it is ready to go for shipping. You can customize your tape with your logo and name to improve your brand image. 

Shipping Labels 

Add the shipping labels to track your order. The good thing about adding labels is that it will allow your team to tackle different orders easily. Besides that, adding labels will also give you a branding opportunity and help you strengthen your bond with your customers. 

A Quick Step-by-Step Guide For Shipping

Now you know all about what needs to be considered and what essential material is required for candle shipping. Let's take a quick look at the step-by-step guide to the shipping candles process: 

Step 1: Gather Your All Materials

The first step is to gather all the materials such as candles, boxes, supplies, printed packing tape, shipping labels, and more you require for candle packaging. Check the candles on the spot to not compromise on the qualities. Inspect them thoroughly, if your candles are dirty and damaged, replace them and pack premium candles for better customer experiences.  

Step 2: Wrap & Pack Your Candles 

Use different wraps to pack your candles to increase the safety barrier and visual appeal. For example, wrinkle, kraft, or bubble wrap can be used to add a layer of safety. After wrapping, pack your candles into the box. Make sure they fit properly to avoid damage. 

Step 3: Add Supplies 

If your candles do not fit properly into the box, use different kinds of supplies that we discussed above. If you are packing two or more candles together, adding filling is necessary to avoid snuggling together. This cushioning prevents shifting during shipping.  

Step 4: Seal Your Boxes Properly

Now tuck the box and add the seal properly to enhance customers' experiences. Using printed seal tapes lock your product inside and strengthen your brand. This will prevent your candle boxes from opening during shipping. Now your candle box is ready to go for shipping.