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What are Branded Boxes? Custom Packaging’s Impact on Business Growth

 2024-01-08 07:34:34

Custom Branded Boxes

Packaging might be the last but it is the most essential phase in launching a new product or introducing your brand to the world. And when we talk about packaging, we can’t miss the aspect of branded boxes. It might not be your first thought to go with the branded boxes, but it can help you build your brand value among the customers. Additionally, compared to retail businesses, online businesses have fewer contact points with their customers. That's why e-commerce businesses need to play strategically with every marketing move. Furthermore, branded boxes are a vital component of an effective marketing plan. So, why not make the best out of it?

But wait, first, let’s learn all that there is to know about branded boxes. 

What are Branded Boxes?

Branded boxes fall under the category of custom packaging. Many e-commerce companies use them to showcase their products to consumers and build their brand identity. Furthermore, you would be surprised to know that more than 45% of online customers say that branded packaging makes it more convenient for them to make online purchases. Therefore, if you want to explore the benefits of custom packaging for small businesses, read on.

Benefits of Branded Boxes for Your Business

Branded packaging brings you numerous benefits, and here we have listed some of the top ones for you, 

  • Helps You Beat Your Competition 

Right now, the US market is up to 284.10 Billion. The US market is increasing with every minute of the day. This means that you have a lot of competition that you need to beat. Now, the companies that are using traditional packaging are not the first choice of consumers. So, this is where branded boxes in and help you stand out from your competition. Moreover, beauty attracts every other person. And that’s how the visual appeal in your packaging can attract customers to your products. 

  • Improves Your Marketing Strategy 

Your marketing strategy requires periodic innovation. Because if you continue to rely on traditional marketing methods, you won’t be able to make much out of your business. Therefore, we suggest you use branded packaging to reach your audience and communicate with them a clear marketing strategy. You can use this packaging for branding purposes. You can print your product details on the box and also connect with your customers through graphical and visual representation on the boxes. 

  • Offers an Enhanced Unboxing Experience 

An unboxing video going viral on social media is the new rage. You must have seen various bloggers and influencers posting various stories about unboxing any new product that gets delivered to them. The main reason behind this unboxing is to reach the maximum number of customers. So, when your product is in a branded box, an influencer will post about it on social media, and it will definitely reach your targeted audience. And customers will buy from you because of the beautiful branding on the brand's packaging.

  • Reinforce Your Brand’s Story 

Packaging's impact on your business’s growth can’t be ignored. Because it is the custom packaging that reinforces your brand identity in front of your audience. Moreover, consumers tend to be drawn towards brands that care about the customer’s priorities and keep their needs first. So, when you acknowledge your customer’s priorities through branded boxes, you develop your brand identity and reinforce it in the customer’s mind. Lastly, custom labels, stickers, and hangtags on your packaging also reinforce your brand’s identity.

  • Save Money 

Over time, customized packaging saves you a great deal of money. Do you know the reason? It is because of the fact that a customized box has the same dimensions as your product. It won’t let the box go to waste. Moreover, it will also leave no extra space in the package that can result in tampering with the product.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Branded Packaging for Your Business

 So, before you get branded boxes for your business, you need to learn about their do’s and don’ts just so you make no errors!


  • Always be on the lookout for small details. Make sure that all the information about the product and its opening is mentioned on the box. Because your box is the only medium of communicating all that there is about your product to its customers. Therefore, play smart. 
  • Your design needs to be extraordinary. Now, extraordinary doesn’t mean that it should be fancy. It just means that it should be vivid and intuitive. The visuals on the packaging should create an interface between your brand and your customers. 
  • Choose colors and themes that are consistent with your brand. Changes are good, but too many constant changes won’t help you in creating a harmonious representation of your brand. 
  • Make the best use of your logo. The reason is that branding impacts your overall sales performance. Moreover, the logo of your brand helps establish your brand identity. Therefore, the logo needs to be bold as well as clear. It should stand as the benchmark for your brand. 


  • Never go overboard with your branded box design. Choosing a design that makes the box look stuffy won’t play in your favor. Therefore, make simplicity your priority. 
  • You should never neglect your online consumers. They are the ones who are not going to experience your product on the retail shelves. Therefore, you need to provide a special experience through your packaging that will make them feel valued.
  • Don’t confuse your customers when it comes to your brand as well as your product. Be direct. And make sure that your packaging communicates exactly what your brand is, and what are selling.


In this blog, we have tried to cover everything that you need to know about branded packaging. So, now that you have completed your research about branded boxes, it’s about time that you order it. And what better packaging supplier to order it from than Custom Boxes Lane? Contact us right now and get ready to enjoy the most impeccable packaging experience.