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Your Guide to Creating PR Packages for Influencer Outreach

 2024-07-11 13:32:28

Creating PR Packages for Influencer Outreach

Saturation on social media has made it increasingly difficult for brands to connect with their prospects. This competition has presented influencer marketing as a feasible option for ROI-driven marketing campaigns.

As a brand owner, making influencers say “yes” to the promotion of your brand can be challenging. But sending customized PR boxes can help you stand out from tons of brands reaching out to influencers and help you get a genuine shoutout from influencers. 

PR packages resonate with both the influencer and their followers. The unboxing of a PR package can not only engage viewers but also encourage them to try out your offerings.  Want to create personalized PR boxes but don’t know how to get started? Read in this blog to learn how to create and send PR boxes and boost brand recognition. 

Let's Get Started,

What is a PR Package?

A PR package, also known as a public relations box, is a box sent to a list of influencers to promote the brand value in front of their massive online followers.  The purpose of PR packages is to create memorable experiences for the audience and allow brands to make better brand investments instead of relying on commercial campaigns only.

By sending a PR package, brands can connect with influencers and reach their audiences through short-form and long-form content channels like blogs, videos, ebooks, and so on.  Influencer outreach done with the help of PR boxes helps brands earn repurposable content that can potentially enable them to leave a lasting impression on millions of followers. 

In short, PR boxes enable brands to connect with more prospects, enabling brands to directly access the users who want to buy a product in the future. For example, unboxing videos, product reviews, recommendations, comparison videos, and more. 

Why Do PR Packaging Boxes Matter Most?

An attractive PR package works wonders to generate buzz, reaching out to bigger communities, and building relationships with them. Here are some of the benefits of PR boxes you should know:

  • Boost Brand Awareness

A fascinating custom PR box encourages influencers to create a legit shoutout for your brand recognition. Such shoutouts help you strive and win in the industry with authentic and meaningful influencer marketing – the primary goal to spread brand awareness and gain consumer trust. With a single PR package unboxing video, your brand can instantly get eyeballs from thousands or millions of followers of an influencer. 

pr packaging boxes

  • Build More Relationship 

With the help of PR boxes, you can build more relationships based on influencer recommendations. If influencers are persuaded by your PR box, you can get a product review video that enables valuable exposure for your brand.  In this way, you are building strong grounds for collaboration that can lead your brand to organic leads without relying on performance marketing campaigns. Getting validation from the right people assists you in gaining more lasting beneficial relationships with the consumers.  

  • Get Media Exposure And Coverage 

PR boxes help you get more social media exposure from word-of-mouth referrals. Gaining access to the followers of influencers can be considered valuable exposure to elevate your brand image. Connection with the right influencer can lead you to tap into the small percentage of audiences who are ready to buy your product. And the exposure you get on social channels can eventually help you become a leader in your industry.  

Materials and Supplies for PR Boxes

When it comes to creating PR boxes, you should be focused on telling both influencers and their followers a story about your brand's values. This is why you should be careful about choosing the materials and supplies when creating PR boxes.

For instance, if you send your PR boxes with attractive and sustainable packaging material, it will enhance the unboxing experience and also show that you are committed to your sustainability goals. Or you could use luxury materials to position your brand that sets you apart. 

Let’s understand which materials and supplies you should use and avoid for your product.

  • Packaging Materials

  • Packaging Supplies

If your items are fragile, breakable, and require more attention for protection, you should consider adding cushions, fillings, or any other protective packaging supplies. Investing in a few things while packaging can go a long way to leave a lasting impression on the unboxing experience.

Here is a list of packaging supplies that enhance the presentation of your PR box. 

  • Pouches: If you are sending food products to influencers to try, utilize branded customizable pouches instead of plastic bags. It will depict more professionalism. 
  • Tapes:  Use custom-printed tapes to impress the influencers and their followers. Sealing a PR box with a printed logo on tapes will blow their minds to trust your brand.  
    tapes for pr packages

  • Cushion & Styrofoam Filling: To protect your fragile items, fill all gaps in your box to avoid collision and surface scratches. Packaging peanuts will prevent your product from any damage. 
  • Labels and Stickers: Impress influencers with custom-printed labels and stickers to make a great giveaway. You can print your brand logo to cement your brand identity to improve recall. 
  • “Thank you” Card: Infleucners deserve a thank you for introducing your brand in front of their followers. Therefore, adding a “Thank you” card is the best way to build a strong connection with influencers. 

    pr packages thank you card

Understand When To Send A PR Package

Sending PR boxes to celebrities and influencers anytime can be a great opportunity to promote your brand. You should send your PR boxes on special occasions to expand brand reach and build relationships with audiences.

Here are the preferred occasions for sending a PR package to make your brand more visible. 

  • Launching New product 

Getting the attention of new audiences can be difficult when launching a new product. You can send a PR box to top influencers when introducing a new product to make people curious about your product launch.

  • Special Events

Sending PR boxes is a great way to celebrate your audience and your products on special occasions. You get a chance to build a deeper connection with your audience by showing that you are not another typical business that doesn’t value the preferences of their audience.

  • Band Anniversary 

Let the audience know about your journey, how you reached a certain level, and how you celebrate your success by sending PR boxes. Doing so can also help you announce community engagement events like giveaways on your brand anniversary.  

How To Send A PR Package?

Before sending your gift packages, you need to know a strategic process that ensures you build meaningful relationships with influencers and reach out to millions of people. Below are a few steps guide to follow: 

  • Identifying and Reaching out to Influencers 

Create a list of top influencers and identify the best of them that suit your needs. Focus on essential elements such as content relevancy, reputation, and how many followers they have. Next, map out a careful strategy for outreach instead of sending PR boxes to hundreds of influencers. Narrowing down your list is a complex and time-consuming task, but it is well worth doing correctly. Once you are done, it's time to reach out to them with a personalized message. 

  • Prioritize Customization 

Understand the science behind first impressions when creating your PR box. To create unparalleled and best PR packages, take advantage of our custom packaging. Customization is always a great way to add charm to packaging from design to wrap and leave a lasting impression to grab the influencer and their follower's attention.  A Splendid package encourages influencers to open it in front of their followers and takes them on an emotional journey. Choose customization instead of stock packaging so you can get the most out of your PR boxes campaign.

  • Design your PR package

Focus on these elements to ensure you create an awesome PR box design: 

  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Typography
  • Artwork
  • Finishing (Matte & Gloss Lamination, Spot UV, etc)  
  • Send Your PR Package

Create and send a PR box by following the guidelines mentioned above to build a strong relation with influencers and their followers. It is advisable to send your first PR box and analyze feedback to make your next PR package plan for a more sustainable impact. 

Your work is not finished yet! After successfully sending an ultimate PR Box, elevate your follow-up message to know whether the influencer enjoyed it or it arrived in pristine condition. Choose the right packaging design to forge a connection and transparency between the brand and the audience. 

Final Words

Creating brand awareness and building trust using influencer marketing can help you achieve your business goals faster. Ensure you choose a custom packaging company that can help you strengthen your relations with influencers with persuasive PR packages. Contact us today and talk to packaging professionals who can help you get pr packages according to your branding and influencer marketing needs.