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Wondering What is Kraft Paper? Read This Blog!

 2024-06-14 14:03:21

what is kraft paper


Kraft paper is one of the most popular wood-based materials used for multiple purposes. According to research:

The global market size of Kraft paper packaging was around USD 39.55 billion in 2022 and is expected to project at a CAGR of 4.77% till 2030.

The huge market volume of kraft paper depicts its high demand in the packaging industry. Kraft paper is a wood-based material that is quite easy to manufacture. It comes with many distinctive features making it perfect for various commercial uses.

This type of paper has amazing strength and flexibility. These features make them excellent for packaging and wrapping purposes. Want to know more about kraft paper? In this blog, we will discuss in detail the properties, manufacturing process, and benefits of this paper. Read on to find more!

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper was originally a wood-based material made with the chemical processing of wood pulp. ‘Kraft’ is a German word that means strong, and sturdy. Unlike other papers, kraft is famous for its high tensile strength and excellent resistance to tear.

This paper is originally brown. However, it can be altered in any color if it undergoes an appropriate printing process. Its excellent customizability and remarkable strength make it a perfect material to make protective and visually appealing product packaging.

Manufacturing of Kraft Paper

As discussed earlier, kraft paper is a wood-based material. It is mostly made from softwood by the sulphate process. The wood is shredded and mixed with sulphate and other chemicals. This process gives rise to a wet wood pulp. Afterwards, the wood pulp was pressed with high-pressure heat rollers. The compressed, dried, and elongated wood pulp adapts to the form of paper. The cellulose fibers in kraft have gaps between them, giving a porous texture.

To enhance the thickness and strength of kraft paper, multiple layers can be combined or the paper can be combined during the manufacturing process. Also, the ratio of sulfur plays an important role in defining the strength of these papers.

4 Exceptional Properties of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is one of the most popular packaging materials in the market. The reason for its popularity lies in its remarkable features. Here are 4 amazing characteristics of this paper that make it stand out from other papers.

Excellent Flexibility

Although kraft paper is famous for its robustness and high tensile strength, it is quite flexible. Its flexibility is due to the cellulose that is made stretchable with sulfur. You can easily mold this paper to give the shape of your requirements. One of the best things about kraft is that this wood-based material does not lose its strength even after being molded.

Lightweight Material

Kraft is also popular for its lightweight characteristics. The porous and well-bonded material of kraft makes it durable and lightweight at the same time. This property of kraft papers gives a profitable edge to suppliers if they ship their products in kraft packaging boxes.

We know that every kg matters when shipping products in bulk. Wrapping your items in protective yet lightweight custom kraft boxes helps save big on shipping costs.

Sustainable Paper

Its excellent sustainability is one of the most remarkable properties of kraft paper making it distinctive from other packaging materials. Kraft is 100 % biodegradable. It decomposes under natural conditions and leaves no carbon footprint behind to pollute our precious planet.

Recyclability is another amazing characteristic of kraft paper. After being used, this material can be recycled commercially, so it can be reused to make boxes, wraps, shreds or other kraft products.

Food-Grade Packaging Material

Choosing the right packaging is paramount in the food industry. Food business owners look for packaging solutions that pack and protect their food items suitably without altering the taste and composition of these items. Kraft paper is an excellent food-grade material and can be conveniently used by restaurants, bakeries, and other food businesses to pack their items.

Kraft boxes and wraps enclose the edibles without changing their taste. Also, they can keep food products fresh for a long duration by acting as a barrier against environmental factors that could spoil these products.

Popular Types of Kraft Papers

Kraft paper comes in many different types depending upon their appearance, and functionality. If you are looking for appropriate papers for your product packaging, you can consider the following types of kraft papers and select the one that fulfills your needs:

Brown Kraft

The natural color of kraft is brown. So, when we are discussing the type of kraft paper based on color, brown kraft should come at the top of the list. These kraft papers exude a rustic charm leaving a lasting impression on eco-conscious people. If you want to pack your products in sustainable packaging so you can attract your eco-aware buyers, go for brown kraft paper boxes. They can catch the first sight of your eco-conscious prospects and convert them into your customers.

White Kraft

One of the most captivating colors that enhance the visual appeal of kraft paper is, white. White kraft paper is an excellent material for your white kraft boxes if you want to make your products shine brighter on the shelves of retail stores. This paper is made by bleaching and processing brown kraft paper. This process not only gives kraft a white color but also smoothens its surface making it more enticing. 

Extensible Kraft

Kraft paper has a limited ability to stretch. If force is applied beyond a certain threshold, kraft paper tears off. However, if you want elastic material for your packaging, you can go for extensible kraft paper. It is famous for its amazing elastic properties. This specific type of kraft paper is processed so that cellulose fibers become elastic. However, it does not stretch like rubber, you can enjoy its extensibility just a bit.

4 Uses of Kraft Paper

As we have discussed, the demand for kraft paper packaging is increasing worldwide due to its exceptional benefits. Here are 4 major uses of kraft paper that are creating demand in the packaging industry:

  • Kraft Packaging Boxes: Packaging boxes made of kraft are famous for high-tensile strength protecting the items packed in them.
  • Food Wrapping: Being food-grade material, kraft is widely used to wrap food items by restaurants and other food businesses.
  • Gift Packaging: By embellishing with adorable elements, kraft boxes can serve as excellent gift packaging on special occasions.
  • Packaging Fillers: Kraft can also provide a cushioning effect in packaging boxes if shredded or crumbled. Kraft fillers absorb shock and protect fragile products.

Where to Buy Custom Kraft Packaging Boxes?

You can buy kraft packaging boxes from various suppliers. If you are looking for the best option, contact us. At Custom Boxes Lane, we provide customized packaging solutions tailored to your needs. We also offer many customization choices for you to choose from.

Whether you want to print your brand logo on your packaging boxes or other graphics to attract your customers, we can help you. Contact us today and buy excellent boxes made of kraft for your products.


Kraft paper is a highly demanded wood-based material primarily used to make product packaging. Its excellent tensile strength makes it a better packaging material choice for product suppliers. In this blog, we have covered everything you need to know about kraft paper and kraft packaging. If you are still confused, reach out to us! We are always open to answering your queries.